Changes to the 2019 Tournament

· NEW EVENTS (click here for info):
    - Standard Scotch Doubles
    - 4 Person Standard Teams
    - 3 Person Master Teams

· 9 Ball and all Senior events will start at 6pm and will not finish until Thursday

· CANNOT pre-enter 9 Ball or Senior events if playing any Scotch Doubles event

· Signups will be taken on site for 9 Ball and Senior events until 5:45pm on Wednesday

· All players must have their 6 weeks played by March 10, 2019.

· Team roster changes or additions will not be allowed after March 15, 2019.

· Team roster changes or additions will NOT be allowed at the tournament.

· NO refunds will be given past March 18th, for ANY reason.

· Junior events race has been changed to 3/2.

· Players are now required to play 5 years instead of 2 years to be eligible to apply to have their singles status lowered. This applies to all current and future Advanced and Master singles players.

· Players that are not entered in any event but want to come to play in mini tournaments will be allowed to purchase a wrist band for $20. Wrist bands are not needed for the Tuesday night mini tournaments but we will have registration open that night.

· National Referee certification class will be conducted on March 19th at 9am. If interested, please contact Cecil Messer at 219-465-8101 for more information.

Back by popular demand: Last year's rock band, EPIC, will be back on Saturday night at 9pm. Visit them on their website


If you have questions please feel free to go to our facebook page and ask, or you can email us @ ACSISA